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The train is getting nearer! [Jan. 16th, 2004|12:34 pm]
The Freaks of Society

[I feel |accomplished]
[This is the Sound of Dreams today: |None]

The Train will arrive from paradise in a few short month...(well not really short) But the way that is is goin now, it will be here shortly. Found out yesterday that my last day of school is May 19th. Sweet huh? And my graduation is on the 26th of May. So man, time sure does fly guys. I can't wait til that moment, when I tip my cap to this crowd of people, and say "PEACE OUT MUTHAFUCKAS!"
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MIAMI IS SCARED OF US! [Jan. 15th, 2004|11:52 am]
The Freaks of Society

[I feel |optimisticoptimistic]
[This is the Sound of Dreams today: |Dj Venom Da Bass]

I chatted with this chick from Miami today, and she said I was scary.. Heh heh, I try. Anyways I a, anticipating this thing Y05h1, I really am. I cannot wait til we can go there. it is gonna be freakin sweet! I have the trip all made out. We can conserve money by sleeping in your car and stuff. So gas, and food is all that we need to worry about. And as for showers, we can take them in the ocean. Or we can use the public showers. heh, it is gonna be great. I am estimating that all we need is around 700$ for the gas and for the parties, and for maybe a room to stay in(for cleanliness.) Like we can rent a motel room for three nights, like every other night. Sleep in your car monday, wendsday, friday, and drive home sunday. And sleep in a cheap Motel the rest of the time. Sound good? it does to me. We can pull this off really easy man, we just gotta put our minds to it. And Brandon, if you wanna come, you need to get some money ready for yourself, I know how expensive your tatses are. Well, the train to paradise is on it's way, we just gotta get on it, and take it to our destiny!
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Another update on my life... [Jan. 13th, 2004|01:03 pm]
The Freaks of Society

I finally got a computer class today, just fun fun huh? Hope it all goes well.. this class seems boring. Can't really do nething but chat on the net.. Called careers. Finally I can update daily. Well later to my peeps, I will update further tomorrow.
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haha! [Dec. 24th, 2003|07:05 am]
The Freaks of Society

[This is the Sound of Dreams today: |ICP - Blam!]

Heres a place in dark-legacy that looks funny:
Gazing Upon Mount Doom
The forest is abruptly left in the distance. Gazing up, the mountain
* peers down upon you like a vulture carefully monitoring its prey.
| Though this place looks quite serene from the outside, the stories
*-*-@ and tales about Mount Doom have discredited that notion of serenity
d long before now.
@ Exits: [south] west.

Mount Doom? Really... if that name hasn't been used for a shit load of moutians, I don't know what has... especially LOTR... though it originated from there.
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MMORPG vs. RPG [Dec. 22nd, 2003|08:37 pm]
The Freaks of Society

Lately I've really been analyizing games... they were a lot more fun and had a lot better of a storyline when if they were offline. Mainly the fact is if someone has been playing longer han you have, their charcter is better than yours no matter what. I mean half the stuff doesn't make since anymore. I mean you can make a name for yourself, sure... but by whom? The people that are stronger than you, and in order. Its not like on morrowind where you can just keep killing everything in the world, and become the god of evil. Or like final fantasy 7 where one group goes out and kills the psychotic god like human summoning the ultimate spell to purify the earth and become the god of the planet.

Sooner or later we'll figure out how to make a good MMORPG. But as for Diablo, Xenimus, and most MUDs it doesn't really matter if you have anything good, or your stragey is alwsome, theres also at least one person that can fuck you over... if no one in the game... then a GM... or maybe one person has a secret thing with a GM, and that GM gives their char some secret thing thats not in the game... who knows?

Its really been giving me a headache thinking about it.
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New mud comes, and thinks highly of itself. [Dec. 18th, 2003|05:53 am]
The Freaks of Society

Awsome game!

That is "Dark-legacy" it is a mud, but you can make these thinks called "prisms" which are basically materia. Some weapons have sockets, well you can put the "prisms" in those sockets and make your own customized weapon! If you want to cast the spells regularly you'll need to put them in a spell book. You can also make your own weapons with the blacksmith skill, and clothes with the tailor skill... You can also buy hair dye and blecahing kits, pretty impresive mud if you ask me... come, try it out! My name's Deathiroth. If you want to use a bigger screen you could always get the Client that we used for RoD enter "dark-legacy.com" as the address. The port is 9898. This game also has a little map to the left side of every room, really convient, don't get lost as easy.
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Down the hatchet comes some links of unsure success [Dec. 16th, 2003|03:04 am]
The Freaks of Society

[I feel |okayokay]

Heres a small recap... If you'd like to see what I was talking about with your own eyes, Heres Yuna's Song, and Kingdom Hearts 2

Have fun.
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Days go by.... [Dec. 15th, 2003|05:04 pm]
The Freaks of Society

[I feel |optimisticoptimistic]
[This is the Sound of Dreams today: |Dj Micro Liberation (Ferry Cosrton Remix)]

I had a weird, and entertaining day oday. I was at school, and I didn't fall asleep. I don't know why, but the teachers didn't bore me to death. I found out that a chick likes me in my class. I don't know her name, but she like stares at me and told her friend that she liked me. Her friend told me (of course). U know how most women are. My grades are on the upside. And anyways, I am wonderin where we are hangin out this New Year's. i hope we can get something going, and actually go through with it. I have to think about what is going to happen with my life. Hopefully, I can stay at Wayne's or something until i get on my feet. And David, are you still goin to New York? I am lost on that one. I hope we can make our dreams come true by moving to Cali, and starting a career. We will have to see about that huh? Hoping and actually getting are like 2 complete opposites.

Weekend: This weekend I went to Brandon's house and hung out with Wayne, David, and of course Brandon. Zack keeps Iming me now, and it is kinda funny. He keeps saying how mad he is at me for staying at Brandon's without him. LMAO!. Man is it funny. I can't get a better laugh out of it than this. We played D&D and that's about it. I like where Brandon's campaign is going. I am getting somewhere (FINALLY). Hoping that it will continue on the good foot. Well peace out my peeps.
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The time of bordom [Dec. 12th, 2003|04:52 pm]
The Freaks of Society

[I feel |Lost in Space]
[This is the Sound of Dreams today: |None]

Today sucked at school. All we did was watch a movie. Shimmler's list if I can recall. It was a movie about the Holocaust, and it was right brfore my lunch bell. I dunno if it is wrong to eat after watching it or not. But I felt sick, cause of the mass of bodies and the graphics of the olden days. But besides that my partner in rec sports blows hard ball sack. he sucks in all of the sports we play. like today, we played basket ball. 2 on 2. And I scored all of our teams points because he cannot hold the ball.

I am now at Brandon's waitin to see what the hell is goin on. I would like to shout out to my boy Dave, and I wish him the best with his current problems, and hope they get resolved. Well I am outta here people.

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Kingdom hearts was fun... and now the second one. [Dec. 12th, 2003|02:37 am]
The Freaks of Society

[This is the Sound of Dreams today: |ICP - The killing fields]

The FFX-2 site. has pics of all the main chars, most of the story, and even voice acting.


Kingdom hearts 2 looks sweet as well... I just seen a "special secret movie" for it... alwsome...
Another Side, Another Story (Deep Dive)
Utter Silence
A fragmented tale
A world without you
The eyes will close
Something so natural
The memory beyond
Something so simple
Where's Scorn?
[Ansem's other Report] "A creation born of ignorance"
Behind the darkness door to "light"(?can't see what it says...[Don't know if its light])
The secret place
"His voice... it's left me"
"This time... I'll fight"
A world between = The forgotten world
The gathering
The third enemy = Nobody "Who is nobody, you ask? They are nonexist."
"What took you so long. Kairi?"
"Can we do it? Against that?"
"We have come for you, My liege."
"You are the source of all heartless."
[The thirteenth order]
Change the third key
Is this What you've been looking for?
This is the world in the true form
We'll go together
"He looks just like you."
"Everything is coming back to me, the true..."
...And thats all the story there is in the "secret movie".
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