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The Freaks of Society

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DuNgEoNs & dRagOns [Sep. 13th, 2004|03:09 pm]
The Freaks of Society


[I feel |bouncybouncy]
[This is the Sound of Dreams today: |Marlyn Manson - The Dope Show]

Players: Sam, Matt (Taco), David (Yoshi)?, Wayne (Jen)?, James (Dakaioj)?, Liz (Tashna)?, Zack (Racoon?)?

Notes: Matt's friend will also come, I have not yet met this person, so I have not remembered his name.

N00bs: Sam, Matt, and Matt's friend, keep this in mind, please do not take advantage.

DM: Brandon (Ethril)

When: Mondays 6pm-10pm
Where: Acme Games, Mt. lookout
Starting level: 1
Campagin: Free

? = Please confirm if you want to be apart
If you are interested, and live anywhere next to the district, please comment. I have also included those of whom seemed to like the game, and my orginal everyday players.

P.S. Go anywhere you please.. No limits, Please do not take offensive if your questions aren't being anwsered, figure it out on your own! =p Gonna try to do as little meta-gaming as possible.

Time of even will be dicussed if there is any inconvience.